Manicure Monday

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I’ve found my first fall favorite. It’s like denim for the fingers. It’s a little grungy and a lot awesome. I’m in love with this color. This is Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Resurrection. I was lucky enough to find this gem at Ross for only $1.99. It has a pro brush for application so it goes on like a dream. I’m a huge fan.

As for my easel… here’s the progress I’ve made thus far on my latest…


I’ll be working more on this tomorrow. It’s time for me to head downstairs and start scaring up something for dinner. It’s pork roast for tonight so I need to get it in the oven soon.

See you back tomorrow when the paint on my fingertips will be acrylics and watercolors.


More Works in Progress

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This is coming along nicely. The flower, leave, and berries are 3D. They are cut from QuakeMat pads that I picked up for 10 cents per packet at a surplus outlet. I drew the designs on with a marker and cut them out with ultra sharp scissors, to adhere them I crumpled paper napkins in white and mod podged them to the prepped surface. This is now in the drying process so I’m working on a few smaller projects that I’ll share here later.

In the meantime here are my Friday fingertips…


This is Wet N Wild’s new line called Tough Girl in Femme Trouper. This is a texture polish much like Sally Hansen’s Sugar Coat. I love this color for fall.. it’s soft enough to wear for everyday and elegant enough for special occasions. It’s got a semi matte finish with a bit of glisten to it. Subtle and pretty.

I’m off to the market. I’ll see you come Monday. Happy TGIF!


Deck the Falls!

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It’s time to bring the fall colors out and celebrate the season of apple cider and caramel apples.

Here’s a few close ups of what I’ve been doing around the living room to welcome the cool air with warm colors.



Such a beautiful hot fiery orange to see the season in with. Tomorrow is grocery day so I’ll be checking out their pumpkins both produce and canned… oh yes, and pumpkin coffee creamer too! It’s time for pumpkin bars and hot desserts. I’ll also be looking into their decorative gourds. Can’t let fall pass us by without an awesome burst of color splashed across the living room.

My work in progress is…


More on this tomorrow!


Guilded Butterflies

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Using wood panels and a wash of green paints I layered tissue paper over the top and let the wrinkles fall where they may. Adding more layers with stamps, textures, stencils, mediums, foils, paints, and lots of love… I added until I was happy with what I saw. These simple panels are a delicious pop of color and texture for any smaller space in your home, cube, office, get-away… and more.

Now onto my fingertips…

Fall is here and with it the darker colors dominate…


Yum! I’m sporting Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Pronto Purple.


On The Easel

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Here’s a sneak peek at what I’m working on at the moment. I’m about half way through the process now and loving the background. I used blended fibers for the leaves using a stencil and palette knife. Next time I do this method I think I’ll mix in a hint of color instead of painting over it.

I’m heading to my parents next week so these gems will be on my desk for another week brewing.

I’m planning on getting my hair textured while I’m out of town and I’m super excited about it. I might just be sharing a snapshot of myself with you then. =)

Last weekend I sported this manicure… and I LOVED it.


This is a soft peach color with flecks of red and gold glitter. Super cute and wore very well. I had this on for about 4 days before I noticed any wear. It’s Hard Candy’s Peach Pop

I love the formula and the durability of this polish so I’ll be buying more from them.

Today I’m wearing blue and will be changing it up with a artful yellow manicure before heading out of town. I’ll share!

Happy Friday my pretties!



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These two 5×5’” panels are an eye-catching set of paintings. These were very therapeutic to create. I didn’t plan a thing while starting this artistic journey. I just let the substrate speak to me.


I started with vintage text pages circa 1946. I layered some crumpled tissue paper over the top and use a matte medium to set them in place. I then brayed some blue paint over the tops and after it was dry I stippled on the green. I sponged on some white and added opaque flakes. Next came the flowers. Using a rubber stamp and some orange acrylic paint I loosely dabbed the flowers on. I then used yellow acrylic and added pastels and mini rhinestones and gold paint to add depth and emphasis. I outlined with chalk and black lava medium. To tie the flowers together I used black hemp that I separated which added the curliness.


I added picture corners and used a sharpie to connect the corners to give these a completed look.

What an adorable duo to hang on any wall!

And the tips this Tuesday…


This is Rimmel London 60 seconds nail polish in Cupcake Pink. Yes… it dries FAST! I would recommend this for a fast manicure. It goes on great with the wide brush and dries quickly


Mod Podge Molding

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I read about the new Mod Podge Molds by Plaid and HAD to try them out. After a bit of research I found that to get the best results I should use Sculpey Original instead of the melting sticks that Mod Podge makes. I’m glad I took the advice. I used a wooden dowel as a brayer to smooth the clay into the mold after softening it with heat from my hands and rolling it into small balls and or/snakes, depending on which mold I was using.


After I was satisfied with the amount of clay in the mold I baked the whole thing in the oven on a cookie sheet at 275 for 15 minutes. Let them cool then carefully break away the edges of clay that aren’t part of the molded shape. Sand edges with either sandpaper or an emery board and paint as desired. These are going to make great embellishments in my art and can be used in SO many different ways you simply can’t go wrong. I’m definitely going to be buying more of these awesome molds.

My Friday fingertips this week are…


I LOVE the color! The formula is fine it’s just a sheerer than wished for polish so I ended up applying four coats over the course of a day to get the desired opacity. This is Sinful Colors in Cinderella! Pale baby blue with a hint of pink shimmer.



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Finally done! My diorama/shadow box/up-cycled-cardboard-box art is finished. I’m loving it.

I used cheesecloth, buttons, papers, tapes, thread, rhinestones, measuring tape, trims, embellishments and several different mediums to assemble this art piece. It’s different, fun, and fashionable and will look stunning on my bedroom gallery wall. Now I need to start working with some turquoise to break up all the pinks I’ve done. THAT will be a fun change. I’ve already prepped two 5×5 boards and plan to make little paintings that can include ATC art that can be interchanged.



Here’s a look at my manicure for the weekend. I went green!


Crazy fun! Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Lickety-Split Lime with a topcoat of NYC matte topcoat

Fall is approaching so it will be fun to explore the new fall nail colors. Stay tuned for more.


Bumble Bee in a blender

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I love this manicure. I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Mellow Yellow and topped it with one coat of Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots in Clearly Spotted. I like the randomness of the spots and the way it adds interest to the yellow. I think this will work well over many different colors.

More soon about the mixed media shadowbox I’m working on. I’ll have photos up next week so please check back soon!

I just had to pop in and share my crazy manicure.


Singing the Blues

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Just wanted to share my newest color. My precious for the weekend is Sinful Shine Gel Tech Alfresco. This is a dreamy periwinkle blue. Great for the dog days of summer.

Today’s grocery day… maybe I’ll get inspired somehow for organization ideas in the market. One can hope. I’m on a tight budget on this one so I’m going to have to be super creative and think outside the box!

I’m not feeling like myself today either. My body feels angry… like it’s having mini childlike temper tantrums… I know that sounds really weird… it feels even weirder. I’m anxiously awaiting my next drs appointment hoping and praying for some treatment. It’s so hard living like this.

Maybe a cold coffee with snap me back to feeling a tad better… gonna give it a try!


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