Monthly Archives: June 2008

Post-it’s and Parties

There seriously are not enough hours in the day for all the things I need to do. I have projects on my desk that need one final touch and so much to get done. I just finished with these Post-it note covers and plan to finish the rest in my stack and get them onto Etsy.(The photo’s arent’ to good, but it gives you an idea of how they look.) That will be my starting Etsy project. I have some final touches to get on a few of my paintings and they will be done, but something always happens! The phone rings, it’s time to cook dinner, the doorbell rings, it’s time for my workout, you know the routine! The responsibilities of life must come first and the art gathers a bit of dust while we take care of what must be done. As much as I’d like to let the housework go, I can’t. I trust God to give me more if I take care of what I have now. One day in the near future I will have a room of my own for my art studio and I won’t have to make my desk look presentable at the end of each art session. Tonight we have a party to attend so I have spent part of my day planning what to wear and primping a bit to free up the bathroom for my hubby when he gets home. I hope to be able to blog a bit more this coming week with FINISHED works. Maybe I should turn off the phone ringer for a day. Hehe! Enjoy your weekend, stay cool, and create as much as time permits! =) God Bless.

Save The Pigeons

Inspired by Tascha’s story of her pigeon adventure. This little guy is very happy that Tascha and her boyfriend stuck their necks out for him and wanted to express his gratitude. Much thanks for thinking of your feathered friends. =) Thank you Tascha! Today is going to be busy. I have a painting to finish and a Nordic Track to climb before it gets too horribly hot. I wanted to share my butterfly garden with you however. While organizing some of my past art projects I saved these from a much larger tangle than they are in now. I used to have them hanging in my hallway, now they adorn a corner in my art “studio.” One day I will finish the detanglization process and hang them properly. – yeah…

And a peek at a work in progress –

Come back later to find out what happens to her. =) Bye for now. I must go climb a Nordic Mountain.

Cherry Blossoms

Inspired by this video. I used red food coloring for the liquid ink over a blue watercolor washed gesso’d journal page. I inked in the leaves and flowers with Zig pens and used watercolor pencil to fill them in. This was a relaxing Sunday afternoon project. Give it a try and share your results! =)

Artist Block Doodle

Suffering from artist block today so I decided to doodle with watercolors and Sharpies. I have piles of things I can finish and a few projects I need to start but I just can’t seem to get motivated and resorted to doodling and cleaning – ew! Maybe a trip to a craft store would break the block /wink! My sister tells me The Dollar Tree has a good supply of crafting items, maybe I should include that to my weekend errand list. What’s on your weekend to do list?

Faith & Stuff

Nothing beats the faith of a mustard seed. Inspired by the patterned paper from making the pink Post-it pad cover, I cut the letters for the word faith and layered my page with coordinating colors. Being raised Catholic I thought the girl for this page should be that of strong faith so I painted and color penciled a nun. I outlined the cut out letters to make them stand out more. A fine point sharpie is good for these types of jobs.

Here’s the finished birthday card I made for someone my hubby works with. Since I haven’t met him I wanted the card to be neutral. I enlarged a font I liked to around 250ish in MSWord and printed it out for the numbers. I cut them from heavy cardstock and gesso’d prior to painting them in watercolors. I used a heavy water wash and and added sea salt to get the effect. I then used Twinkling H2Os and just “speckled” areas to add interest, and finished the numbers off with a sparkle glaze. For the background I did simple stripes of washed out yellow, and Twinkling H2Os yellow, one stripe is matte and the next has sheen. I put the numbers on the card with double sided foam. For the greeting inside I used stencils. The back is finished using a sponge and stamp pad ink in blue. Finish the back of your work to give it a more completed “professional” feel. =)

Pretty, Pretty Post It Notes!

Inside the Post-it cover. I simply used double sided tape to put the Post-it pad into place, allow enough room around the pad to be able to close the cover and work with it. The possibilities are unnumbered! ATC style cards, mini painting, cute sketches, photos, and keepsakes are all possibilities. I made these for the ladies my hubby works with from decorative papers and some punches. I used some brads, some rhinestones, ribbons & fibers, glitter, glitter papers, corrugated paper in yellow! (What fun!) Each decorative Post-it cover has coordinating paper inside, and the tablets are replaceable with more double sided tape. Laminated versions would be great for carrying in your purse or car. An eyelet at the bottom allows for keeping the Post-it’s neat and tidy on your desk when not in use. Very easy, inexpensive and a thoughtful gift to let people know you’re thinking of them. The birthday card I’m working on is drying, I just got done with painting the last of the stripes on it. I’ll assemble it later today and POST-IT! =)

Which one is your fave?

Leave Being Catty To The Cats

Although where I’m living now I can’t have pets, I thought this cat turned out absolutely adorable. And I’m more of a puppy person. Done on a gesso’d journal page with torn pages the cat is painted with Twinkling H20s in purple and green. I used a heavy Zig marker to outline, do the face and add the whiskers. The markers works very well over the H2O paints, no dragging or clogging up. =) A pretty pale pink background and a message to remember to be kind to your fellow woman is glued across the top. Today I am going to be working on a birthday card and a painting of a girl in an evening dress. I hope to have enough art pieces ready soon to be able to open an Etsy shop.

Bee Adventurous

With this being the season of graduations I was inspired to do an adventure theme. My aunt gave me a map of the United States when I graduated from high school. In the card she wrote, “it doesn’t matter where you go – just go!” There is much to see and learn out there. It all starts with one step. Using maps and stickers I did this page adding some written words and some rubber stamping. The little bee girl is done in watercolor pencil on cold press bristol and cut and glued on. Grab your windbreaker and your sneakers and take a walk today. There is much to see outside your door.

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there. I painted this for my dad. Painted on wood – watercolor crayon wash for the background with alcohol drops for interest. The little girl and the father are painted on bristol board with watercolor pencil then cut and glued to the board after being sealed with a spray matte finish. The letters are rubber stamped around the edges with waterproof ink. I sealed the board with the same spray matte finish before gluing the people on it. After the pieces had set overnight with the finish on I beeswaxed the picture. A little wax goes a long way. So start with a thin coating, it’s easier to add more and more difficult to melt away excess. Here’s a closer view of the people.

The sparkle in the little girls eye is added after the beeswax is on.