Monthly Archives: July 2008

Sisterly Love

Mini “Sister” painting on Vellum Bristol Board. Using up all my scraps of bristol board while I await my UPS package I made this last night with my own sister in mind. (Hi Sis!) I have six more pieces of 5 x 5 left to play with and I’m having a great time making mini art with them. It’s a good way to practice and you don’t have to worry about wasting large pieces of expensive papers. While doing the smaller paintings and working in my art journal I have come up with some pretty clever ideas for larger paintings that I’ll be sketching out in my big brown book. I make a sloppy pencil drawing of my ideas as I get them so they don’t elude me. I got my order from Paper Source yesterday. I ordered Souffles and can’t wait to sit down with a piece of super glossy paper and make a pretty picture. They also have a wonderful assortment of brads and eyelets at very reasonable prices and lots of colors to choose from. Enjoy your Thursday and go create! God Bless!

Umbrella Flowers

This journal entry was inspired by gluing some leftover fibers to the corner of this paper. I left it over night, came back and I saw an umbrella, so I went with the idea of creating a garden spot of umbrella flowers. How perfect for keeping the sun off you on a hot summer day. I used painted paper and paint chips to cut the umbrellas from and added a spark of interest to each with a few stickers and some metallic embroidery threads. I will definitely make a bigger painting using the umbrella flower idea with lots of embellishments for jazzing them up. I think they are adorable. Stay in the shade and keep cool!

In Your Garden

Grow where you are. Today I’m patiently awaiting my UPS and FedEx arrivals and working on some note pad covers for an order. I have several projects on my desk and several around the house. Our visiting raccoon has returned with two kits and they are adorable. I’ll take a picture as soon as I can and post them for you. We have had raccoons, a doe and her fawn and a plethora of squirrels, birds, and butterflies on our back deck this weekend and we are only 3 minutes from downtown! There’s been more activity out our back door than there has been on TV and the weather has been mildly perfect to enjoy it. Today is overcast, breezy and misting off and on… perfect weather! =) Happy Tuesday and God Bless!

Magical Kingdom

Playing with scraps of paper and doodles and practicing shading. I drug out some glitter pens and markers to add a touch of magic to the doodles. I have a pile of scrap sized bristol board to play with so I thought I’d use it to practice some shading techniques. The girl I am working on now is adorable and I can’t wait to finish her, but duties call and I must do housework and cook dinner first. I’ll play with paints tonight =) YAY! I’m expecting some UPS and FedEx deliveries this week so I’m very excited! I’ll post my arrivals when I get them. In the mean time I’ll be playing more with shading. Happy Monday! Can you believe that Friday is August 1st! WOW how time flies when your making art.

Fairy Tale Tag Bookmarks

These tag bookmarks are a fun way to doodle away some time. They will make great additions to other pieces of work as well. I just need to come up with a brilliant idea on how to use them now. =) I got my Etsy shop up last night but my blog template doesn’t support widgets so I may be looking for a new template soon. My shop is located HERE.
Please drop in and have a look around. I have a full day ahead of me so I am off now to go and primp! =) Happy Weekend and God Bless.

Scandinavian Sweetheart

Sadly this painting got a bit overly distressed. I think I’ll pick up some walnut ink and add to the distressing to make it look like it’s supposed to be aged. You can’t see the glitter but her helmet, eyes, dress, and shoes are sparkling. Painted mostly with watercolor pencils with stenciled letters. This was inspired by a movie that was on TV during some channel flipping one night. I quickly sketched a girly viking in my things I just have to do book. I ordered new papers and pencils last night so I’ll have SIXTY watercolor pencils to choose from soon. I’m excited. =)

Pre-planning for Halloween. I was hoping to go as Red Riding Hood this year. I wonder if I’ll have to break out my sewing machine to make a cape. I think I’ll make a few more fairy tale tag bookmarks for kicks. This one was fun to make. Another journal entry today as well. Inspired by the flyers coming in the mail for school supplies on sale. I used to love to play school when I was little, all the school supplies made me happy. Probably a good thing they didn’t have scrapbooking supplies back then, I would have never slept. Enjoy today and God Bless.

I love how my teacher turned out.

Bee Yourself

Bee Yourself! Inspired by doing a bit of deck gardening. We don’t have a yard where we live, but we have a large deck and the side of the house is all natural with pine trees and needles from it everywhere!! I’ve planted some whiskey barrels with plants and have pruned the shrubs that are planted at the base of the deck. I’m allergic to bee stings so I am always wary of where they are and give them plenty of room to roam. My cold is fading and I’m feeling more myself now so I decided to do a journal entry and came up with this. I pulled out my art pads and started working last night on a few other projects as well. I’ll have something done soon and will be able to post. Updates from Microsoft has given our home network a few quirks so I am unable to use the printer from my machine, so my hubby is going to hook the printer up to my machine tonight. Not having the printer nixes a big project I was going to do today. But that just gives me the excuse to work on a few others that I would rather play with. Want to buy more hours in the day…. seriously. Well, I’m off for now to get my fingerprints dirty with paints and such. Enjoy Wednesday! God Bless.

Oy Joy!

Inspired by a Soy Joy add in a magazine I picked up in the grocery store check out line. Yeah, impulse shopping again! I’m not a supporter of soy products but this artwork cracks me up. This was actually fun and the little guy was a kick to draw, very easy. I used my new watercolor paints and black markers to do most of this. I did the flowers in watercolor pencils and the yellow blotchy circles are from using a wine cork on a yellow rubber stamping ink pad. My journal pages will be more “journal like” as my art pieces have grown to bigger sizes and are more time consuming. The piece I am working on now is called Pollination Party. I can’t wait to work on it more, but atm I’m down with a nasty head cold and have brain fog. So, I’m taking a few days to recoop and have fun watching movies with my hubby. Enjoy your weekend! I’ll be back soon. =)

Faith Starts Small

Faith Starts Small – 9 x 12 vellum cold press bristol board.

For some reason I’ve had the urge to paint a gnome lately. This is what I came up with over the past few days. She’s no taller than the poppies but her hat makes her stand heads above the rest. Dolled up in her outdoor gear she’s ready for whatever the day may bring. Done on Vellum Cold Press Bristol Board with watercolor, acrylic, pen & ink. I painted the gnome first and filled in with the poppies. After I had the gnome and poppies painted with an acrylic matte varnish I sponged rubberstamping ink onto the paper in two shades of green.(To clean the residue of the rubberstamping ink, simply use a damp Q-tip and damp paper towels.) I added drops of water and dots of yellow acrylic for interest and outlined the flowers and stems with a wet brush. Here’s a close up of the flowers.

I added bits of glitter glaze to add the magical effect that you might see around a gnome. For the sky I did the same sponge technique with blue ink and added alcohol drops for a bolder effect and dots of white inside the white areas with glitter glaze on them. This was a fun piece to work with. I thought myself a few new approaches to techniques I’ve used in the past. I’m ready to work on my next painting now! And my Etsy is coming along now too, I just need to post everything and open the doors. I’ll post when it’s been I’ve completed it. Happy Hump Day!