Hallow Ween

With October around the corner I thought it was time to be ready for trick or treating with this witch painting. She’s got tons of layers of papers, mediums, glitters, stars, tissues, paint, stamps, and stuff! The moon in this painting was so much fun to make. I used a “donut” style chipboard circle and painted it with yellows and oranges. Then I used yellow tissue paper and wrapped it using matte medium. It has a truly cobweb gauzy texture that you can see a bit better in this close up photo. It’s even gauzier in person the photo doesn’t due it justice.

This week I’m working on a paisley girl painting. It’s turning out quite interesting. I’m using orange and turquoise to say hello to fall. The leaves are starting to tint to orange and the maples are promising to be very showy this fall. I’ll be sure to capture some on camera to share with you. I’m also going to start a painting with a focus on oak leaves with a twist! I’m really excited about this idea and don’t want to spoil the “plot” of the painting yet. I’ll share it when it’s finished. I’m taking off on Wednesday to my parents and will return on Friday with something fun to share. (Not sure what yet… but I’m sure I’ll a tale or two to share.) =) Happy Monday! Keep Kreating and share what you’re working on! *HUGS*

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