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Thy Will Be Done

They Will Be Done
On earth as it is in heaven. I’ve got angels watching over me! And you do too. This mini 4×4 painting is done with a plethora of blue paints and tints. I used stamps, circles, bubble wrap, tissue paper, glitter glue, rhinestones, fabric paints, collage papers, and a butterfly sequin to make this piece. A new fun toy I’ve been using in my paintings are my Souffl√© Pens They were a tad pricey but they have a fun effect and a new twist to your art. They would be a blast to journal with and for card making! The prices at Amazon are dropping a bit since they have been out for a while now. There’s always something new coming out and I know I can’t keep up all the new and wonderful products so please… let me know what new art toys you’ve found to play with. I’ve been house bound since Christmas so I have no idea what’s hot in the stores right now… I’m starving for art supply information so give me your latest fix info! =) Thanks!  Happy TGIF to you all and I hope you have an awesome weekend.

God’s Timing

God Timing is Perfect
This little painting is a bit different from my usual pieces. It was inspired from hearing several things about God’s timing all in the same day. I’ve had many frustrations while recovering from my ankle injury and it seems to be taking a lot of time to get back on my feet again. The surgeon told me I had a long road ahead of me but I didn’t anticipate it would be this long and longer still. Life stops when you can’t “do” what you usually do. When you can’t walk around, when you have to manage pain, when you are stuck in one spot. I’m getting around with the help of a walker during the day but I’m moving at a snails pace ~~~ one day down the long road I’m on I’ll be flying down the hallway ~ all in God’s perfect timing. One can learn so much about themselves and the others around them when they are “confined” within themselves. I can’t begin to tell you what I’ve learned but I can tell you that when it all gets to be to much lay down the burden of your heart! Today is a therapy day so I have less time for creating but I got up early so I could get some painting time in….so now I’m off to play.

Kindness and Hope

There seems to be a lack of simple acts of kindness in the world today. I found this on blog I was reading and wanted to share it here. Always remember to put yourself in the other person’s shoes if only for a moment.

I’ve been busy with Physical Therapy and pain management so I haven’t been around to blog as much as I would like. This too shall pass. I’ve been reminded several times of God’s Timing this week and know he has a plan for my healing process. I’m using a walker part time now and even though I’m slower than a slug I’ll progress with God’s Timing. When I’ve mastered the art of using the walker I’ll slowly progress to a cane. I’ve been frustrated beyond belief with this slow process but thanks to the message of God’s Timing I know he’s got something wonderful planned for me and I’m DELIGHTED!¬† Sometimes we have to dig really deep into the pile of poo we’re in.. but there is always HOPE!

Angel Watching Over Me

I finished this journal entry last night. This journal is difficult to work in. It’s actually a mini scrap-booking notebook. The paper is a heavy cardstock but blending and using liquid mediums don’t take to it kindly. I however like the size and once I’m done with this one I’ll be starting on my Moleskin, so I want to hurry and fill this one up. =) I did do a coloring book page of the angel just after I had her penciled in so now I have a template in case I decide to make something larger with her which is very likely as I think she’s rather sweet. Here’s a run down on materials I used to make this entry.
  • Collage papers
  • Rubber stamps
  • Confetti stars
  • A re-purposed cross sticker
  • Gel pens, chalks, acrylics, colored pencils ~ just to name a few.

I also joined a super easy Artist Trading Card swap.  It’s from Melted Crayon and I love playing with melted wax so I joined them to learn a few techniques. Here’s the ATC I came up with.

This is done on a Strathmore Illustration Board (precut) Artist Trading Card. I used my crayons and the technique taught on the video at their site to do the background. Then I used rubber stamps, tissues, glitters, Liquitex Black Lava Texture Gel, and a pink butterfly sequin. The words “Be Free” poke through giving you only a glimpse, as any butterfly sighting… you only get a wee look before they are off on their wings being free!  I hope your Tuesday finds you happy and free. Free to create whatever your heart desires!

Starry Night

Super glossy and super glittery! I started this before the big fall. (aka – the ankle incident) I didn’t even remember it until I started cleaning my desk to start getting ready to set up my camera for recording for the class I’m going to be making. I couldn’t just let her sit there half finished though ~ I had to bring her to life. Outside in the summer night in her jammies under the stars trying to catch the moon. Layers and layers and yes, more layers of acrylics sponged on with wet paper towels. Along with at least 5 different types of fabric paint glitters. I crackled the moon just in case she does pull it down, it’s ready to break off and bite into. After all, everyone knows the moon is made of cheese! And it does taste Gouda! Now to get down to it. It’s time to do a clean sweep of the desk and set up the cam. I’ll see you on the flip side of the mess I have to address! Have an awesome Monday. (if that is indeed at all possible!)


How weird is this!? I know, I know but I just had to. I took an oval plaque that’s been in my supplies for umpteen years and made a face on it. Framed her with a checkerboard, I mean seriously, who doesn’t like checkers? Then I tediously drilled holes all the way around it. Then even more tediously I cut and trimmed fun fur to size and using an awl I tucked it into the glue filled holes. I think this would make a super fun barrette holder. And a fun or maybe slightly creepy wall hanging. Just think of all the things you could tuck in her hair, or use paper clips to add whatnots to her. You never know where your creative muse is going to take you… or WHY! I actually love this “thing” for lack of a better term. She has oodles of potential. When I’m more able to stand I’ll get a better full on photo of her to share with you.

Speaking of standing… yes! My physical therapy is coming along nicely. I’ve had three sessions and can’t praise my therapists enough. I love them all. I do what is much like circuit training. Each patient is assigned exercises by one of the PTs and a timer is set and placed next to us while we do our gig. Once the timer goes off one of the PTs comes over and gives us another ditty to do, or moves us to where we need to be, be it a machine, a bench, or a bar for stretching (or ordering a brew-ha ha).  I’m really learning a lot and am able to take a few side steps using a bar to hold onto for dear life! I was unable to do that a few days ago so I have seen huge progress already. By week three who knows what I’ll be capable of. I have three days next week and I’m really looking forward to them. I’ll keep you posted on my progress! Keep me posted on yours as well. I’m always curious to see what everyone is painting, sculpting, cooking and decorating! Happy Easter to all of you and thank you for dropping by to see what I’ve been doing.