Daily Archives: June 22, 2010


I did this painting for a challenge that I just joined on Flickr. Here’s the website if you’re interested in checking it out. Prompts can be fun and helpful in challenging you to push your limits and step outside your comfort zone. The prompt for this was using orange and brown together. Orange isn’t a color I use very often, growing up I actually hated the color orange…and my mom loved it. Our living room had lots of orange in it. Since then there have been many changes in that room and today it’s a stunning purple/lavender combination. (Thank you mom!)

I just went with the flow and let the painting paint itself and I’m so happy I did… my brain didn’t get in the way. I used the mediums I normally use and it just “happened.” I was stumped when I thought about naming this painting. I thought.. “orange?” Hmm, what’s orange… oranges are orange. Then it hit me! Marmalade is orange. So I dubbed her MarmaLady! Does she own the village shop that sells jams and jellies or is she the Lady in the castle that gets treated to marmalade on her toast each morning?

◄Tammy’s Toys Tuesday►

Goofy as it is ~ it’s quite fun to peel off each day to find out what’s hiding behind yesterday! If you don’t know who Hoops & Yoyo are you can check them out at Hallmark online. They are such fun and fantastically funny creatures that are sure to worm their way into your heart… and possibly onto your desk. This “toy” was a gift form the hubs for Christmas…so it’s a gift that keeps on giving… for a whole year. It’s a smile a day.