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Button, Button, Who’s got the Button!

Pencil Paradise

Or whatever else you can imagine putting into a shabby chic, creatively crafted upcycled Spam can. Using  a brown paper bag I crinkle it up and semi smoothed it out and mod podged it to the can. Then I used a stencil and with orange and pink paints…. following up with black charcoal and a Q-tip for blending. I used the same technique around the edge that I used on the Jealous Heart can with the black nail polish. I then accented with some “sticker style tape in orange.” I sponged the bottom rim with waterproof black ink and used some black hemp to lace the circle themed button as the main accent.

These cans are going to be great for all room in your home as well as your office. They make great planters for small pop’s of greenery… great for Q-tips, Toothpaste and Toothbrushes in your bathroom, awesome for office supplies and cute for shelfs to hold things like matches for your candles, or anything that you want handy and readied at your fingertips in a classy container!

This is number 2 in a series of God only knows how many! I’ll have to Google Spam recipes so that the family won’t tire of the stuff and I’ll have my tin canvases to work with. Until tomorrow! God Bless!

Jealous Heart

Jealous Heart

Spam can #1 done! … I used vintage sheet music, mod podge, wooden tiles, acrylic paints, rhinestones, glitter paints, tinsel confetti, heart stickers, black nail polish, black rubber-stamp ink, and topped it all off with an additional coat of mod podge. I lined the tin with tissue paper and inserted some brand new pencils. Whatcha think?

I just started a new tin as well. This one is being mod podged with torn brown paper bags. I bought THEE most awesome BIG buttons yesterday at Walmart that I’ll be using as the “centerpiece” of the next Spam-Can. So tune in tomorrow to see what I’m doing with paper bags, buttons, and old cans. I’m loving making the old new again. It’s really a fun process. I’m going to be making and posting these treasure holders on Etsy so be sure to check in soon in my shop to see what creative mischief I’ve been up to.

Again… it’s hump day and time for a few “secrets” about me.

  • I just tested myself for ADHD as I’m usually back and forth during the creative process… Thankfully I failed the test.
  • I usually take only half the meds my doc prescribes as some really aren’t necessary and they make me REALLY thirsty.
  • I’m an art supply hoarder and REALLY miss my old wallpaper books I had to abandon ten years ago.

Oh Yes We Spam… …

We’ve been going through a plethora of Spam lately as our resident student seems to be going through a new “taste” phase. I’ve also been using it for Sunday breakfast on occasion. For a while I was just tossing the cans out and then it hit me…. STOP it! These are perfect for TONS of things. Just get your creative energy going girl and get busy spamming the Spam with collage papers, paints, and pretties! So here we are. The first of many cans that will be transformed from a sow’s ear to a silk purse… or rather a cool can!  This one is started off with vintage sheet music and the song is called Jealous Heart… how cool is that!? Perfect for some hearts and chicky colors. I’m digging through all of my supplies to fit this perfectly so it turns out fabulous. I’m using black nail polish on the gold rim around the top after taping it off with painters tape. This is actually a very fun project and I have a pantry of cans ready and waiting for when this one gets it’s final touches.  Hopefully tomorrow this lil gem will be complete and I’ll share it with you.

Until then however it’s 2sday again and time for 2sday’s Toys! Today I’m featuring Pan! Out of the frying pan with the Spam and in comes Peter Pan! This is a ballpoint pen topper that actually lights up when you write with the pen. It’s an adorable desk decoration at them moment that sits among my paint brushes.  I love this little guy and his fancy feather! Speaking of Pan if you haven’t seen Finding Neverland you really must! It’s an adorable movie.

See you soon…. I’m off to get some paint and glue all over my hands! Happy Creating!

Lavender Fields

Lavender Mist

Happy Monday! I just finished this painting up and wanted to share her with you before I started downstairs to the kitchen to fix dinner. I have three other projects on my desk that I’m working and finding it hard to tear myself away to cook. /wink!  I’ll share them tomorrow when I have a bit more time to spare. I’ll do the finishing touches and fine detail on this when I get my new glasses this week… but for the most part, she’s complete!

I hope your Monday has been kind to you and that you have a relaxing evening. Drop by again soon to find out what else I’m creating. I love sharing with you!

Lavender Fields ~ WIP

Work in Progress

Here’s a sneak preview of what I’m working on right now. It’s a wood panel that had a rather rough surface so I collaged text pages and papers, napkins, tissues, and much more over the top, adding paint and embellishments. I’m still in the process of creating this piece and plan to add actual lavender with lavender oil to make it an interactive piece for the senses. My mom’s bathroom is lavender and yellow and I thought of her while making this painting so I might just gift it to her when it’s completed. I like the fact that the background has multiple colors and textures and is done on vintage text pages from a book from 1945 by Louisa May Alcott.

I was unable to post yesterday as I had an eye appointment and I still haven’t recovered from the abuse my eyes went through. I was without my glasses for nearly two hours and it wrecked havoc on my eyes so I came home and took a nap. I fixed dinner and did some word puzzles on my Kindle.. then I watched The Voice … my favorite as of last night is Dia Frampton. She has an amazing voice and a great look. Then I watched America Has Talent and was blown away by the guy who’s been washing cars for the past 15 odd years. Amazing stuff. And OMG I adore Howey…he’s truly a breath of fresh air!

I need to head out and start the dinner process soon, I just wanted to touch base to let you know why I was MIA yesterday. I get my new glasses next week so I’m ULTRA excited that I’ll be able to see clearly now the rain is gone! I’ll post a pick of my new specs when they arrive. Until tomorrow… God Bless you ALL!


  Peace That Passes Understanding

I had too much fun to stop with this painting. I just now finished it and scanned it to share with you. I used more brown than I’ve ever used in a painting that I can recall. I used a base-coat of tan and then added browns, pinks, yellows, and oranges. I thing it sets the mood for the gold foiling. I’m VERY happy with how this painting turned out. I gave her creaming blond hair and blue eyes with a hint of blue eyeshadow.

Part of this are collaged with napkins and papers… as well as die cuts and a few resin type stickers. I’m very pleased with the color combination and actually got the idea off a tie someone was wearing on TV the other morning. I knew right then how this painting was going to turn out. I used gel pens and acrylics, chalks, and watercolors. I had a huge mess on my desk and it was like a party in a paint bottle!

It’s time for 2sdays Toys already. I cannot believe how fast the time has been flying since we moved. We enjoy our home and time together SO MUCH more and have the room to breathe that we so desperately needed. Now without further ado…here’s Poopy Penquin!

He’s a wind-up toy that poops tiny candies when he walks. How yummy is that!? See you back tomorrow for more fun and games… and of course more art!  God Bless!

Peace That Passes Understanding

   Work In Progress 

Here’s my latest project. I wood-burned this over the weekend and will start playing with it today. I’ve already picked my color scheme and I’m pretty excited about it as it’s not one I’ve used before. I’m going to let it be a surprise. =) Keep checking back to find out what I do with this panel!

The weekend was very relaxing and I spent my time reading and napping. I finished Lone Survivor and absolutely loved the book. You walk away feeling like you know the author. I then started Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas which is a longer more in-depth book but I’ve really been wanting to read it so I’m excited to finally have it.  I’ve downloaded a plethora of samples from Amazon for over a dozen books… they will keep my busy once I’ve finished with Bonhoeffer.  The Kindle is great as you can get puzzles for free to relax with while you couch surf TV. I like my Kindle a lot more than I thought I would. It’s really a fantastic device.

Tonight I’m fixing a pork roast for dinner. It’s huge so I’ll have left overs to make pork lo mein for tomorrows dinner. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it… I think it’s time to grab a bit of lunch to hold me over till dinner! See you tomorrow for 2sdays Toys!  For now I’m off for Nom Nom!


Tiny Tiles

Tiny Tiles

Just one of the things I’ve made so far with my Tiny Tiles. I pinned this one to my “messenger-bag-style” purse.  FUN. I’m thinking I could make a mobile with these too!

That’s it for today. I just wanted to touch base and say hi. Tune in tomorrow for a preview of my latest WIP.

Trust in Him

Trust in Him

I finished my painting today! I’m always happy when I finish a piece and get to move on to the next. For me it’s the process that I love and not the end. I had SO much fun here. I used many different mediums and papers and embellishments on this painting. It was rewarding to dig through my supplies again and refresh my memory of what I have. I hadn’t really done any steady creating since March so I was a bit out of practice. It didn’t take me long to get a smile on my face though. What made me smile most on this painting was when I laid the decorative napkin piece across her neck much like a scarf…  I then knew she’d need a matching hat! I used gold foil and confetti along with texture medium and metallic watercolors I love this color combination and have used it before on smaller pieces but since it’s the start of summer I thought we needed to brighten up with some blues and greens to set the season in motion! It seems to have worked as we’ve had sunshine the past two days.

I played a bit with some of my Tiny Tiles and I’ll show you tomorrow what I came up with this morning… my camera battery is charging… again! Until then I’m off to work on a pink poodle piece that I started before moving. I’ll see you soon.. Have an awesome TGIF and a fantastic weekend!

A Bird in the Hand

   A Bird in the Hand 

This is how I twitter! I really got into my painting yesterday morning and was up to my elbows in various colors of blues… I took a moment to snap a few pictures of my hand all covered in acrylics. Later yesterday evening I took the camera downstairs to see if I could capture a few birds at the feeder and when I turned my camera on and looked through the viewfinder it was plastered in blue paint! How funny. It wiped right off and I went ahead with my birdwatching. You can see for yourself who followed me home!

I’ve been trying to identify some of the various birds that frequent us and we seem to have three species that are regulars. I’m trying to get good photos of them but dang they are fast and the feeder is hanging from a Shepard’s hook and it sways in the breeze making photo ops very challenging. As you can see here this one is a goldfinch. Our state bird. Very fitting for one living in the state capitol.

I’m almost done with my painting and plan to put some finishing touches on it today… along with some text. I’m really enjoying getting back into the swing of things and having solo painting parties in my studio. I’ll share pictures of the finished piece tomorrow. Until then… have a great Thursday… and Keep Kreating! And remember God loves you ~ a little birdie told me so!