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Mark My Words

Mark My Words

I had a great time playing in Photoshop and sizing my paintings into bookmarks yesterday. I was ecstatic when I found out that my laminator was still working after about a 10-year vacation hanging out in the back of various closets. I just got done posting each one of these little treasures on Etsy and they ready for purchase. If you’re a bookworm or know of one check out the opportunities available to keep the place in your latest book/s.

There is a certain irony to this post as I adore books… bookstores, libraries, and even the smell of a library cellar. My first “real” job other than mowing lawns and/or babysitting which I spend most of my youth doing… was as a Page in a library. It was my job to mail books to patrons, shelve books, and check books out to my fellow bookworms. The ironic part of this is … unknown to me, late last night… my dearest hubs ordered me THIS… with THIS! to go with it. Now I’ll never need a bookmark again! But of course I will. I trade books with my mom all the time. I got my love of reading from her and she has always been a big source of my reading material. With mom around I’ll never lack for books… but now I can buy some of what I’ve really had my eye on for less than what it would cost if I’d gone to the local bookstore… and savings is always a great thing. Plus… I’ll have a digital bible in my purse at all times. I can’t think of anything better!

I hope you take a few moments to drop into my Etsy store and look around. I’ve been working quite a bit lately to add some variety to my shop and I’m very excited for the opportunity to share it with you!

I LOVE hearing from you all… so PLEASE tell me.. What’s on YOUR easel!?