Butterfly Breeze

 ♥ Work in Progress

I started a new painting today. I got the face started and decided on a background color. The color is OH SO important to set the mood of a painting that sometimes I really struggle over it. Since it’s summer however, I thought a sherbet green would lighten the skies. They are as gray as thunder here today. Along with doing a tad bit of painting I did a lot of scanning. I scanned more of my earlier art for making prints and tags, and tiles, and bookmarks, cards, and all sorts of whatnots. I need a display area in my art studio so I can put my art out and photograph it better. I’ll be hanging some shelving and some paintings next week. It will be fun to work in an are that has an art gallery feel to it. =)

It’s Tuesday already… time truly does fly. Who put the wings on the clock?! I have my favorite new “toy” to share today for 2sdays Toys! My brand spanking new Kindle! Isn’t she gorgerous!?

I am currently reading Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell and highly recommend it. Especially if you’re a patriot. It’s a heartfelt story that will require you to have a box of tissue at your side.
I have been really enjoying the different features that the Kindle offers and I’ll give you a run down when I know more. I have tons to learn before I’ve mastered it. It truly has a lot of very nice features.

I have much to do this afternoon and a steak to prep for my hubs dinner so I best run to the kitchen and start the pre-dinner process… I’ll see you tomorrow for some Whispering Wednesday!

One thought on “Butterfly Breeze

  1. Don’t you love the Kindle? I got mine a bit over a year ago and it doesn’t lose its ‘newness’ even after it’s no longer new. I really like how you can organise your books in groups, that especially gets handy once your library grows. I always have an up to date group called ‘currently reading’ so I have quick access to those books. Also you can get a ton of old books for free (Google Gutenberg project) and periodically there are free new books available through Amazon (quality of those is a bit hit and miss but great if you just want to read an entertaining book for free).

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