Cheep Cheep

Impossible as it was to take a photo of a swaying bird-feeder while this character ate… I did the best I could without alarming our guest. Yes it turned out rather blurry so I tweaked it in Photoshop and made it look more “artistic.” I love birds… and I’m delighted to report that our feeder has become a hub for our fine-feathered friends in our new neighborhood. We have yet to buy a bird bath but it’s definitely on the list of must haves.

My desk is looking like a pile of paints and papers today as I’ve started the new painting and my fingers have various shades of blues and greens on them as I type. I love a beautiful mess like that! I’ll be playing a bit today but will be calling it short as my hubs has a short day at work and is then off to buy a BBQ and I’ll likely be making burgers this afternoon.

It’s already Wednesday so I have some whispers to share today… come real close so no one else hears while I whisper in your ear!

  • I believe that God shows me things through birds. 
  • In my early twenties I became absolutely fascinated with birds and studied and read up on them.
  • I am in love with my new gas stove – and have cooked birds… just chickens.. in it.
  • I have a twisted sense of humor!

That’s it for today. I have to rush off and get a few things done before my time is up for the morning. I’ll be back tomorrow with some juicy tidbit or another! God Bless YOU!

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