Toilet Paper Treasures!

Using up-cycled toilet paper rolls I’m creating something that will be posted on Sunday… This is for my new Category that I hope will become a weekly posting. I took the TP roll and cut it with scissors lengthwise. Using a spray bottle with water I misted it until it was just pliable and flattened it using my hand. Then I did the same on the opposite side. I let them dry before applying layers of printed papers. I used a Trader Joe’s newsprint fryer for these. Next time I’m using vintage sheet music. After they dried I started by using very crumpled tissue paper and mod podge. I gently flattened out the tissue and used a mist of water from the spray bottle and adhered with mod podge on both bottom and top. Let dry again… and then the fun really began! Using different color schemes I used baby wipes, paper towels, fingers, paint brushes, bubble wrap and other found objects to apply paints. With some you can apply when they are both wet but with others because of the color difference it’s best to let them dry between coats or the colors become muddy.

After you’ve complete that part of the process you can pull out your embellishments and have fun! As these are not done yet I will give more detail about each one when I post them individually. As you can see in the photo the blue/green one has wet mod podge on the umbrella so I’m in play mode right now. I just wanted to take a bit of time to tell you not to toss the TP!  You can make ART on EVERYTHING!  Back tomorrow with an update on one thing or another… until then… God Bless You!

By the way… I got this idea from Hands and Heart and want to share her link.

2 thoughts on “Toilet Paper Treasures!

  1. WOW thanks for sharing your process! I am loving all the newest art! Love all your art but the flowers are very cool! Have a great weekend!

    Hugs Giggles

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